The End...

The story of LOST and the characters portrayed will end after the last episode, no movie and no sequels…although the programme will definitely go down in history as one of the best, most talked about and the most theorised televised events of this decade

How do you end it, how do you ensure there are no continuations? Free will brother…which is a polite way of saying that all of the characters we know will sacrifice themselves to a greater cause…and die.

LOST has always been about 3 things:

1: Fate versus free will (What has happened, happened versus choice) 2: Faith versus science (Jacob versus MIB – his brother Esau) 3: Transcendence (The progression of man/women to redemption)

Question; what would you sacrifice yourself for?

Would you give your life so that millions could live, would the few sacrifice themselves for the many?

Let’s make the assumption that the jughead bomb did explode at the end of Season 5 thus neutralizing the EMF pocket of energy which in turn eliminated the future Swan Hatch. No hatch, no need for a fail safe key for Desmond to turn, no blast that caused Oceanic 815 to crash on the island which possibly means that an alternate timeline is created.

“White “LOST” on black background”

Season 6: Episode 1 – LA X

In this LOST timeline, Oceanic 815 lands safely at LA X. None of the characters we know have changed from the ones we have experienced via their flashbacks. Without dismissing the past 5 seasons of storylines but we know that there are murderers, thieves, deceivers, vengeful, the guilty and the cursed amongst them, all carrying the excess baggage they landed on the island with…only now they have not had the chance to redeem themselves, to show progress of change from bad to good. Put what we now know of them to the back of your mind.

We have always seen flashbacks of each and every one of the losties, the torture and sadness they have endured prior to landing on the island so what if the alternate timeline just goes forward, no more flashback or flash-forwards and they have to endure new torture, new sadness. Ala Jack in beard.

This is new lost, season 6 with the one timeline albeit an alternate one. These people are still lost, with no opportunity of transcendence. Jack said they all had to go back, so let’s assume that they all start remembering their previous past…their LOST past, then they have to get back to the island to prevent this timeline.

This begs my original statement that this will all end and what would you sacrifice yourself for, what would be worse than surviving/fighting on an island. You could just simply chill out for a bit, maybe open up a beach bar and rent out deck chairs? I know it hasn’t always been a peaceful “break” for the losties. Friends/colleagues dying or having limbs torn out would spoil anyone’s holiday but if peace could be sought with the islands cohabiters then see out your days in the sunshine….unfortunately this says sequel.

So let’s go back to the beginning, the one we know – Oceanic 815. Why this plane, what made this so special apart from all of the major coincidences that enabled all of the required people to be on the one same flight?

Question; ask what links episode 1 season 1 “Pilot” with episode 1 season 6 “LA X”

The title of the episodes? “Pilot” would be apt for an episode that may or may not be aired however as far as I am aware this show was already going ahead. So does it refer to the actual pilot, the one that was substituted for another at the last minute. Frank Lapidus was the scheduled pilot.

When the pilot arrives at LA X, I would suspect that he would not be subject to the rigorous security checks and measures that regular passengers have to endure post 2001 and could simply walk through the airport with his “Halliburton case”. What is in the case and could the pilot be working for a major company or with someone else to bring the harbinger of doom to LA (X marks the spot for a nuclear bomb).

Remember that Jin was on assignment to deliver Rolex watches, as a thank you maybe to those who have supported this terrorist act. So wouldn’t living or trying to survive on an island be better than living with a nuclear holocaust, one country being attacked and possible retaliation that ultimately leads to apocalyptic destruction. “It only ends once”. End of the World stuff…?

Could you live with yourself everyday knowing that millions are dead or dying especially if there was something you could have done about it…such as preventing Oceanic 815 from ever reaching its destination?

“It only ends once”. Losties save the day, is this the future both Jacob and Esau have witnessed…?

What if the way to end it would be for the losties to get back to the island, find the case that contains the nuclear weapon and destroy the island in order to save millions.

A sacrifice with no sequels or a movie…the end

…or is it, is it the beginning of the end?

In the remains of the four toed statue, the bottom row of the tapestry is emblazoned with a quote from Homer's Odyssey in upper case ancient Greek: The part that can be seen reads, ...Σ ΜΟΝΟΙ ΤΟ ΤΟΥ ΠΟΛΕΜΟΥ ΤΕΛΟΣ ΕΟΡΑΚΑΣΙ (sic). (transcribed as "...s monoi to tou polemou telos eōrakasi") "Only the dead have seen the end of war." Or with the missing words transcribed as “Only those who have died have seen the end of the war.”

Richard knows this as well, he even told Sun that he saw them all die…

So remember, “They’re coming…”

I feel, as do many others that both Jacob and Esau have key parts in the devastating future event whereby this may mean a part to play or as observers., maybe along with Richard Point 2: (see above) Jacob is a man of faith and as such feels he can find the answers, can make the pieces of the puzzle fit and his brother Esau is the Man of science who understands that what has happened, has happened and that life is inevitable.

We can see that clearly both are in the past when we first encounter them. Both have travelled from the future to the past. How they talk about the “end” indicates that they know how the World will end and the theory of time travel is in line with the canon of LOST so it wouldn’t be unfeasible to accept this. Rather than Gods and aliens!!! After all, the cabin is more than the likely the device used for this and for passing through alternate realities. Both Jacob and his brother have used it…although Jacob hasn’t been there for a while...

Jacob hopes that through choice and a gentle push, that through eventuality this outcome will change.

As Eloise has taught Desmond, course correction will do it’s up most best to preserve Esau’s theory, this is why she allowed her own Son to return to the island even in the knowing that he will die there. Better to die for a cause then allow course correction to run him over in a taxi. Jacob remains steadfast through the ages in total belief that man is progressing towards change…with a little guidance. Esau however has grown weary of these looping events, he is tired and despises the loops through time. He knows and feels in his own unrelenting beliefs that the human race will destroy itself. He has seen this and he knows it will happen again. This relentless journey to the past has taken its toll on Esau who doesn’t care anymore about who is right and wrong, what is white and what is black all he knows is that he wants it to stop.

He wants to kill Jacob in order to stop this endless purgatory cycle for good. But there are rules, both Jacob and Esau are each others constant and are unable to kill one another.

Unless he can find a loophole which he does, unfortunately it is too late as Jacob has already put in motion the path of free will: “They’re coming…” Angering Esau even more, he kicks him into the fire ultimately killing him because at this point Ben’s attack made no difference. Jacob knows of the equation and the people that will play key roles to the future of mankind. He will ensure that these people survive to fulfil their destinies.

The numbers are part of the equation designed to predict the end of the World and that Dharma's initiative was to change the numbers, therefore changing the answer to the equation and saving the World. Each of the losties is a number, a code to the puzzle. Each of them a code breaker that will unlock the “safe” that ultimately means their sacrifice and the safe future of the World.

Following the same linear approach of storytelling in this reality, we begin with Jacob and Esau sat on the beach watching the approaching ship in “The Incident”. This is THE timeline we are now on; this is where we are at.

We see Jacob cooking a fish on a black rock, an obvious reference to the ship we see approaching shortly afterwards. LOST presents us with lots of symbolism. The Black Rock is a constant, perhaps the actual starting point of this alternate timeline. Both Jacob and Esau are dressed in authentic clothing reflective of the time. We know that a 19th century ship did crash into the island and that Esau states that the ship will bring death. The Captain of the ship, Magnus Hanzo is a relative to Alvar Hanzo, who created the Dharma Initiative to use the island as a testing facility in order preserve and extend life on Earth through science and technology. Widmore warned of a war that has happened over the generations between two groups all of which links back to the Black Rock.

This may just be the first time both Jacob and his brother have seen the Black Rock, previous time loops may have started with another constant. Perhaps we have already seen the constant: The four toed statue perhaps, after all the saviour of us all lies in its shadow. Wouldn’t that make it predominantly more important than a ship? And was the fish being cooked a red herring…???

We have seen the beginning of this timeline, the correct one and now we are going to play it out to the end…it will be a good ending or a very bad ending but it will end just the once.

So who is black and who is white, who is good and evil, who will the losties follow?

Just because Esau is the MIB he has suddenly become the nemesis, the evil wrong doer. Free will brother should be about the choices we make, without intervention or a gentle push. Let us suppose that Esau is the man of faith, albeit feeling a little dejected from it all. He has lost his faith and given up on man doing the right thing. He wants man to will out and make progress but has played the “game” for too long and has seen the same moves made incorrectly time after time. So has Jacob allowed faith and free will to guide his “players” to the end game or has he touched them in some way as to influence their decision making process. Is that the scientific route, has what happened happened because Jacob has made it so:

In one of Kate’s flashbacks after she is arrested in Tallahassee, she sees a black horse. Back on the island, Kate sees the horse on numerous occasions, even Sawyer saw the same horse if memory serves. The image they both encounter could be seen as a reminder from Esau that both Kate and Sawyer are bad people and have done bad things and that they don’t have to continue down that path.

When actually visited by Jacob both were presented with items that would reoccur in their lives and have consequences in each of their futures. Kate is presented with the tin box however at the same time being taught that there is no recrimination for stealing. Is Kate going to remain good if there are no consequences for being bad? Sawyer wrote his letter as a child with vengeance in his heart, Jacob allowed this to continue by giving him the new pen afters Sawyer’s had run out of ink. Therefore, demeaning his uncle’s conversation that shortly followed.

However both Kate and Sawyer have confronted their past and fears and have turned the path towards transcendence. Therefore it could be perceived that Esau’s role was to simply show Kate and Sawyer that they are responsible for their choices made and as such are responsible for changing them and how to make the right choices – free will.

Jacob appears to have a strategy, a game plan and knows the outcome of past results. This doesn’t sound like a man of faith. Didn’t he distract Sayid while his wife was run over and killed?

Add to that Jacob's "What about you?" question to Ben at the end of “the incident”, and his care-free approach with Esau, the man who wants to kill him so badly. It could still be perceived that Jacob has an agenda…again, “they’re coming…”

I won…You LOST


I am a happy chappy despite some of the doom and gloom scenarios

I love LOST but I have missed key episodes, plotlines and some story arcs – a newborn baby will do that but I love the theory.

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