First blog, go easy. I was thinking about this for a while now, ran it by a buddy and got a positive response.

I haven't completely bought into Richard being from the Black Rock, so here goes... So Richard is seemingly ageless, he said it's because of Jacob. Could it be that a long time ago, Jacob and MIB's roles were reversed... Jacob had to find a loophole to kill MIB (for whatever reason). By using Richard, Jacob was able to create a loophole and have MIB killed. As a thank you to Richard, Jacob made him immortal and/or ageless, made him his go-to-guy.

Flash forward an unknown amount of time... MIB tells Jacob that he will find a loophole. He eventually does, and uses this loophole to convince Ben into killing Jacob. Maybe we'll see MIB reward Ben with Richard-like agelessness, and make him MIB's right hand man.

Just something to think about until Feb. 2. If this has been written about before, my bad.


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