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March 27, 2009
  • LostPhill

    Does anyone else feel like their real lives (work, school, family, etc) have come to a slow, anxious, and agonizing wait until the Lost season finale? I'm definitely thinking about this everyday!

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  • LostPhill

    How is the accident, jughead, and killing jacob connected?

    Daniel told Kate and Jack that they could be variables to change what happened so they are the only ones who could possibly change anything. Kate rejects this news and accuses Jack of acting like crazy-ol' John Locke because he accepts the news. So Jack must do something that will change what happened. I don't think he'll set off the bomb because the bomb never went off according to what Daniel told Richard a long time ago, but I do think he will attempt to stop the Accident back at the Swan station and be a victim of it.

    In doing so, he becomes a time-warping entity like Desmond was after he triggered the safety lock of the Hatch (Flashes Before Your Eyes). This time-warping entity …

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  • LostPhill

    Hey Everyone,

    Sad to say, but Lost only has 4 episodes and 1 season left. With that said, I was wondering what people still want answered from a long time ago. Personally I think the further back the question originated, the more interesting (too much adam/eve and richard alpert questions nowadays). No answers needed, just Questions.


    - What changed so that babies couldn't be born on the island anymore? - What did the others do to Walt after they kidnapped him? - What is Libby's backstory!!!!?

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