• LostPGD

    We saw a new element to the smokemonster last night, as Bram surrounded himself with ash to keep the Smokey at bay. We also saw the Temple Others start to spread ash after hearing of Jacob's death. It should be obvious that they were attempting the same thing as Bram, keeping Smokey out of their circle.

    The only other usage of the ash that we've seen on LOST was surrounding the cabin, that time keeping MiB trapped in there. We noticed during "The Incident" when Ilana and her team came upon the cabin that the line of ash had been broken, thus freeing MiB.

    But now that we know that MiB and Smokey are one in the same, how is it that while MiB was trapped in the cabin, Smokey was able to travel the island, interacting with the Survivors and the …

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