Now that we're getting some answers on Lost, I am pondering the Ultimate theory...

We have proof that the Island has: special properties, been exploited for those properties, and is able to commit actions to fulfill it's own destiny (ie- heal the sick, choose a voice by which to spread it's message. We have also seen that the Island has possibly/probably been doing this since it was inhabited by an ancient civilazation.

But what I am wondering is based on the constant jabber by those close to the Island (richard, locke, ben) who repeatedly claim the "Island wanted it." What are the goals, values and ideals of the Island and it's true controller (if it has one?) Any thoughts? There has certainly been a lot of death and violence, a lot of lies and deciet. What are your theories on what the outcome should be? I tend to think that Locke is to become the new leader and that the rest of the 815 crew all have purpose to bring the island back to whatever its "baseline" shoud be. I'd love to hear some thoughts!

Also, Dead is dead had so many parallell events (ie- Ben not killing in front of children x2- same as Sawyer in an old flashback)that I am wondering about the theories on Parallell Universes (or something similar). Do we think it's possible that the events the O6 have experienced in present time have happened to other characters in other times, perhaps even between the Losties now and those in 1977? Is is possible that the "whispers" are the voices of those (or perhaps ones self) in another time, the Island's way of scaring the person in one time to prevent them from interacting with themself in another time? Perhaps not the others hiding in the jungle at all? I'd love some links to similar theories on parallell events!!

Thanks for reading my lengthy blog and please comment! This is my first post in all these years!

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