• LostLisa


    January 6, 2010 by LostLisa

    Regarding the sweepstakes bottle image. It seems to have most/all of our original Losties.... but where's Walt??

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  • LostLisa

    The Eye

    May 14, 2009 by LostLisa

    Ok- Awsome Finale!!

    Plenty to discuss on other posts- but here's my big question!

    WHY oh WHY do we see only Jack's eye as a preview for season 6??? What does this mean!! Any theories??

    I liked the post in response to the Lost Blog saying that Season 6 will open with Jack waking up in the jungle after flight 815 crashes (just like the pilot). But I want more theories! So post em!

    (See preview on YouTube here)[1]

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  • LostLisa

    Now that we're getting some answers on Lost, I am pondering the Ultimate theory...

    We have proof that the Island has: special properties, been exploited for those properties, and is able to commit actions to fulfill it's own destiny (ie- heal the sick, choose a voice by which to spread it's message. We have also seen that the Island has possibly/probably been doing this since it was inhabited by an ancient civilazation.

    But what I am wondering is based on the constant jabber by those close to the Island (richard, locke, ben) who repeatedly claim the "Island wanted it." What are the goals, values and ideals of the Island and it's true controller (if it has one?) Any thoughts? There has certainly been a lot of death and violence, a lot of lies…

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