I know this has been discussed extensively in the past, but I wanted to take another look at this with some of the following theories being mine and some being adapted from others.

The influence of Kings work in Lost is undeniable. So much so that I could not even begin to cover them all. Unfortunately, I feel that Lost will also progress and end much the same way The Dark Tower series did. I will go over some of my thoughts and let me know what you think.

First and foremost, the Temple is the Dark Tower. The nexus of all time and space. There are many doorways to the Island much like in The Drawing of the Three. Both Oceanic and Ajira airways went through one of these doorways as well as how the sub came to and left the Island. The Monster is much like the security systems in The Wastelands. Much like the Bear in Wastelands, I believe the Monster has started to go a little crazy with age. Thus explaining its eratic behavior. Jacob would have to represent the Temples or Towers master. Keeper f all time. Randall Flagg could also be represented by Eloise Hawking but this is doubtful.

Now for my predicted lost ending, again, some of this is mine and some borrowed. Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, and all the other people on the island are killed except for Jack(Rowland). Jack makes it into the Temple(Tower)to finally meet Jacob. Jacob stands to have smokey judge Jack for all the people he was responsible for killing due to his actions or inactions. Jack begs and pleads with his favorite line "I can fix this" you can send me back, back to the beginning and I'll fix it. Jacob agrees and as its happening he remembers that it's not the first time that this has happened. He's been there hunderds, maybe thousands of timews before. As Jack starts screaming "no, wait" he forgets all that he has just remembered and screen goes to black. After a few seconds we are zoomed in on Jacks eye. We're back to the very first scene of Lost again. Fade out, you see an old salt and pepper haired man sitting at a desk writing (an older Jack maybe?)He's writing in the last page of a very large book. It was what had just happened to Jack. As he finished the last line, he closes the book to see the title reading "LOST". Camera moves up to see the face of Stephen King. and screen goes to black.


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