Having this knowledge, we have to look at what he based his characters on.

Han Solo - Sawyer. I mean, come on

Leia - Kate, rough and tumble babe

Luke - Locke. Our sometimes wimpy, sometimes bad @$$ hero

Chewy - Hurley. The ever loveable sidekick (considered Hurley for Jabba too but didnt want to be mean)

C-3PO - Daniel. Brillant but always confused

R2-D2 - Miles. He's got a smart mouth

Obi-Wan - Christian, Helping our heros from beyond

Yoda - Richard, very old and the only one with the answers

Vader - Ben, still not sure if he's good or bad

Emperor - Jacob, in the end, it all cames down to him

Lando - Hurleys dad, One smooth operating s.o.b

Let me know what you thoughts are.

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