• LostInMyWorld

    Did anyone else notice that writers of Lost made a Iraqi Republican Guard a bad guy? Do you think this was necessary? Why wouldn't they put a Christian or Jewish or even Godless character in the bad side? It has to be a Muslim character? Do writers have to be soooo American? Why wouldn't they forget their origin and just be writers of a TV show? Do they think they are secret soldiers of US Army and have to poison people's mind with hidden messages?

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  • LostInMyWorld

    A few episodes ago we saw a blond boy in the jungle, telling Flocke "you know the rules, you cant kill him". Who do you think the boy is? The islands spirit? The Balance? God?

    Does he make the rules? Or is he just a messenger? Why is it a teenager boy?

    And if it was Sawyer that the boy told Flocke not to kill, then Sawyer is highly potential new Jacob? By this way, would you in confidence say that MIB is the black stone, Jacob ( or the Successor(s) ) is white stone, and the boy is the balance?

    Any ideas?

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