OK, I'm in the middle of S4 re-watch and just got done with episode "The Economist", and have a few questions and comments...

1. Who is the R.G. on Naomi's bracelet? And why does Elsa have a similar bracelet to Naomi?

2. On the golf course we see Sayid in a flash-forward, where he meets another golfer (Mr. Avellino) and begins conversation. Sayid tells him he lives off of a substantial settlement he received from Oceanic Airlines, revealing that he is one of the Oceanic 6. Why, upon hearing this, does the man become so visibly nervous and shaken? Despite having won the wager, he declares that Sayid doesn't need to pay him, and attempts to hastily leave. What about knowing Sayid is an O6 member scares him so much ?

3. When Hurley is tied up in the closet by Locke to trick Kate et al.... They untie him and he goes on to tell them that Locke has gone crazy. My comment here is if anyone remembers what Hurley tells them ---> "Locke’s gone off the reservation, man. I mean, he took this one chick hostage, he said Walt was the one who told him to kill the other chick, and he..." ... OK so later we find out Hurley was faking... but what do you think about his comment on Walt ? What could that mean ? Walt appeared as a vision when Locke was in the pit... Why would Walt tell Locke he has to kill Naomi?

4. Who is "The Economist" ? ? ? When Sayid / Elsa first meet, she shws him the pager and he says "You know there is newer technology", and she replies " My boss is very old-fashioned. Hmmm... who else have we heard does not like technology. Not saying it's Jacob, but I though that comment was very interesting. We also know he speaks German. He is on Sayid's list to be killed. Who could it be ? Hanso ? Mittelwerk ? ... ?

Any comments or substantiated theories are welcome... what do you think ? Will we find out who the Economist is in S6 ?

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