I know everyone is tired of arguing this point to death, and you probably rolled your eyes when you read this blog title. But I'll keep it short and make my point using logic outside the show.

>> Is Whatever Happened Happened the "gospel", or can WHH be changed? This is something that has been theorized greatly ever since the early episodes of S5... has WHH changed? BTW, I have been a staunch WHH believer until Season 5 Finale... but now I think WHDH (Whatever Happened Didn't Happen)...

IMHO this is the whole point of Season 5... TO CHANGE WHH. Otherwise, why would the show spend so much time with Losties in 1977 if it wasn't to culminate in changing something... otherwise it was just a big fancy wasted trip back to the 70's for what? Any of the new information about Dharma in these years could have been covered in a flashback. So they are there for a REASON other than informational purpose only... (which IMO has to be to change the past/future).

If you look at it from this reasoning... the only point of the show to send them to 70's for a whole season was to change WHH... so now WHDH . I just think Jack and Faraday are wrong about the results... it won't erase or reset the show, but the timeline has been changed and there will be consequences...

WHDH once the white flash occurred at end of S5.

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