Walt fits right in with a whole list of things they COULD'VE wrapped up before S6 but chose not to for whatever (lame) reason. I've always been in the camp of "let's wait and see how it ends" before slamming the show, but the wait is pretty much over and it's easy to see they will never come back to any of mysteries from prior seasons... WHY NOT?

I fully understand and am OK with S6 being a totally different story line with Jacob vs MIB, but it really urks me that if they knew this was going to be the plot for S6, then why didn't they attempt to answer some of the older plots points in S5 ???

I mean c'mon... right now it looks like there will be SO much they won't answer from earlier seasons:

  • Walt... why is he special and why did the others want him so bad
  • Dharma... All the time spent last season in DI and we never saw Hanso or the DeGroots on screen... why not?
  • Aaron... why did they want him? What were the injections Ethan gave Claire, what about the pregnancy issues? ... will never be explained
  • The Economist... a whole episode named after this guy... so who is he and what is his significance?? ... won't be explained
  • Black Rock journal... why was Widmore so insistent on getting this? What is the secret/significance it holds? ... Nothing.
  • Blast Door map and the Sickness... at the time a huge mystery and very cool puzzle that could've gone in a number of directions... went nowhere

STUPID. Why spend hours or even multiple episodes or seasons setting these things up if they're not going to come back and knock us down with it? Like WOW! That's what we're waiting for and it seems like it ain't gonna happen.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater... I LOVE this show and I'm trying to give it a chance to end well before I criticize. But why leave this (among other things) just hanging out there?? Maybe they will still answer some of this... I just don't understand if you have all this ammo built up from earlier seasons then why not whip it out and use it? What do you guys think?

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