So hey I am re-watching S4 right now on DVR and just finished "Meet Kevin Johnson". We know it is Michael who is recruited by Tom to sabotage the Kahana Freighter. I think the part where Michael is trying to shoot himself in NY is just amazing.. one of the best WOW moments when you find out he CAN'T kill himself because the gun won't fire.

Just some random thoughts and questions about this episode...

1. Do you think there is any significance of Michael seeing visions of Libby in this episode? or is it just guilt from being the one who killed her? She tells him "Don't do it".

2. Tom told Michael "You can't kill yourself. The Island won't let you" because he still had "work to do". Tom handed Michael the gun and told him he could try killing himself again if he didn't believe him. Later when Michael tried to shoot himself in the head, the revolver would not fire. So HOW is this possible? Can the "island" actually influence events in the outside world? Or is this somehow a con by Tom? (Which is what I thought at first, but we actually see the gun fire after he gives it to Michael, so we know the gun works). How can the island physically prevent the gun from firing in NY? How does Tom know Michael wouldn't be able to shoot himself? Nothing else on the show fits this model... So what does it mean? Any ideas on this one?

3. If 2 is true (the island wouldn't let Michael kill himself)... I would think there would have to be other (more important) characters that the island is not done with yet? So are there other characters that "can't die" because the "island won't let them"? Or is this some kind of nod to WHH ? ... (the only other time we've seen this kind of "intervention" is when someone tries to change the past or course correction).. I know its a stretch, I'm reaching here, but what else could explain this?

4. In a later episode we see Michael in the hull of the freighter icing the bomb to delay the explosion and Christian Shephard appears who tells him he can go now.. do you think Michael seeing Christian just before the explosion means that somehow he may still be alive? or does it mean that the island truly is done with him now? Why would the island keep him from dying in NY just to get on the freighter? Does that mean he is the only one he could have accomplished this mission? It just doesn't seem like something SO important that "the island" would intervene to keep him from dying ? ?

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