So doing re-watch of S4.... just watched S4x11 Cabin Fever

I didn't catch this before, but Capt Gault mentions that his crew has come under a "sickness" during the time that Keamy's team was on the island:

GAULT: Listen, Martin. While you were gone, there was some sort of a sickness.

KEAMY: Mm-hm.

GAULT: The crew--they've been exhibiting some very strange behavior. Regina threw herself overboard, for God's sake. Now I would be derelict in my duty if I didn't point out that this might be exactly what's happening to you.

--- Now I know Minkowski had the temporal displacement along with some other fellow because they took off from the freighter in the zodiac to do some exploring and suffered from the time jumps. But here it sounds like something else... like "the sickness" that infected Rousseau's team on the island.

I never caught that before !! So do you think its the same sickness ?? Interesting that the sickness was able to infect people that weren't even on the island, so i guess it can travel anywhere within the "snowglobe" of the island?

--- Also did anyone else notice that Keamy tried to shoot Michael in the engine room and his gun "inexplicably" doesn't fire... twice !! I never noticed this before either... guess its the same thing that kept him from being able to kill himself in NYC ?? Totally weird... why just Michael and not others that cannot die ??

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