So check it out... been re-watching S4 and have some new thoughts

Not like this is really a secret, but something I noticed and nobody has discussed recently

We see in 2 different S4 episodes where Miles was able to "read the mind" of living people, same way he does with the dead.

Most people remember the dead part, but do you guys remember this:

- S4x08 Meet Kevin Johnson... Michael/Kevin meets Miles, who said he "knew" Kevin was not his real name. Miles laughed at Michael's shock and said not to worry, as 80 percent of the people on the boat were lying about something.

- S4x13 No Place Like Home (pt.3) ... Miles tells Charlotte he is surprised that she wants to leave the Island, after all that time she spent "trying to get back" to it. Charlotte asks what he means, but Miles is evasive.

I've seen the question asked why did the freighter mission need to have a ghost whisperer ... Well now I think it's pretty clear... There are more to his powers than reading dead people. He can also read the minds of the Living ! ! ! ... Maybe like a "Nemesis Detector" ?? ? ? ?

Like I said, not a great revelation if you pay attention, but it's so easy to forget stuff with this show over the years

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