I started my rewatch awhile back on Sci-Fi channel (gotta love that DVR). Just re-watched last few episodes of Season 3 ending with: "The Looking Glass".

We all know the story... Desmond sees Charlie dying trying to flip the switch in Looking Glass station to turn off the jamming equipment. They swim down, he enters "Good Vibrations" code and turns it off. Then sees Penny on the monitor, looks up, and sees Mikhail outside the window who explodes a grenade to flood the station.

Charlie runs to close the door to compartmentalize the flood and locks himself in where he drowns with final message "Not Penny's Boat". Definitely an emotional moment when he dies.

QUESTION: Why would he close himself into the hatch instead of just leaving the room and closing door behind him? He still would have completed the mission and stopped the station from flooding. Only difference is HE WOULD HAVE LIVED. He didn't HAVE to die. Anyone else notice this before? Just doesn't seem believable to me that he would do that, instead of just closing the door with himself on the other side... ALIVE! So What's the Deal with that? Any thoughts?

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