So I recently re-watched Ji-Yeon episode from S4. And it made me realize there is not a lot of chatter surrounding her, so it got me wondering:

Who of the most recent offspring of the island do you think will be most significant in Season 6 ??? Let's review shall we...

1) Aaron Littleton (Austen). Born to Claire Littleton on 11-1-04, fathered by Thomas. Not conceived on the island, but the last person to actually be born on the island. He is grandson to Christian Shephard and half-nephew to Jack. Being "raised by another" (Kate) since departure from the island. Last seen left with Carol Littleton in episode S5x11 "Whatever Happened Happened" when Kate chose to return to the island.

2) Ji Yeon Kwon. Born to Sun in summer of 2005, fathered by Jin Kwon. although not born on the island, she is the last person to be conceived on the island that lived since Ethan in 1977 (to best of our knowledge). Last seen S5x05 being raised by her grandmother in Korea when Sun chose to return to the island.

3) Charlie Hume. Born to Penelope Widmore, fathered by Desmond Hume. OK he was not conceived or born on the island. BUT... he is the grandson of TWO former Leaders of the Island, Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking (unless Penny was mothered by someone else). His father is Desmond who is considered "special" in regards to the "rules" of time travel and the possible ability to change the past (WHH). Last seen S5x14 left alone by Penny in the hospital waiting room while Desmond was being treated for gunshot wound.

So what do you think? Which of these island offspring will play big roles in S6... and Why? Aaron gets all the press, but for now I'm going on a limb and saying Ji-Yeon only because she was the first person in a long time that was conceived on the island and born successfully. Why exactly that will matter I'm not sure... but since the pregnancy issues were made into such a big deal, I think her being conceived on the island and born is somehow significant.

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