Blog post below about Ben and the sickness got me thinking...

Does John Locke have the same "sickness" that infected Rousseau's crew ?? ??

Think about it... remember how Montag lost his arm and got "the sickness" when he was pulled into the Cerberus vent ? ,,, Well the same thing happened to Locke !! !!

He was pulled in by Smokey (ok they saved him) but still he was in Smokey's grasp... and afterwards he was "different"... "he saw the eye of the island and it was beautiful" ...

That's when he started acting different and became obsessed with the island. He started sabotaging plans to leave, he killed people, he somehow "knew" certain things like Jack wasn't supposed to leave, etc...

So what's the significance if any ? ? ? ... Well he's dead now so maybe it doesn't matter ... Any comments ?? ??

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