Been a long time fan of the show, but only recently found Lostpedia site few months ago... love it! What a great resource for dedicated fans. My blog is about the failsafe key Desmond turns at end of season 2 after Locke forces lockdown and decides not to push the button. We all know Desmond turns the failsafe to stop the electromagnetic forces from destroying everything. His present consciousness then travels back in his past life where he is living in a flat with Penny and meets Eloise Hawking (flashes before your eyes). Now to some of my questions:

1) The failsafe mechanism: Once it was turned the Swan hatch imploded and was completely destroyed. If the island and its inhabitants are safe after the implosion and the button no longer needs to be pushed, then why did DI create such an elaborate plan to push the button every 108 minutes, if they could just discharge/contain the energy permanently by turning the failsafe key?

2) What actually happened when the failsafe key was turned? We know the hatch was destroyed, but what was the purple "flash"that was seen and felt by everyone on the island? They all held their heads and there was a bright flash and noise, very similar to the time skips after Ben turns the FDW in Season 4. Except in this case Desmond is the only one that "travels" through time (his consciousness anyway).

3) Once Desmond's consciousness returns to his present body after the "time travel" following the implosion, he was endowed with special powers to "see" the future in flashes. In following episodes he sees Charlie dying and attempts to save him but knows he will die eventually due to "course correction" concept he learned from Eloise. So when//why does Desmond lose this power? Was there something I missed where they explain why he is no longer seeing flashes of the future?

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