DC&PB Posters Still Available

Back between Season 5 break until S6 premiere there was a LOST "ARG" game to hunt and discover where the next reveal would be for some limited edition LOST posters (remember these?). It started off slow, but once it got rolling it became almost impossible to get one of the posters because they were selling out in mere minutes after being introduced. I tried twice to get one and couldn't, due to the high demand.


Well recently I found out that the same website was selling limited edition posters again toward the end of S6 and for whatever reason the demand was much smaller, maybe because of the mixed feelings over season 6? So, I ordered one... check it out below. The two best ones do happen to be sold out, but for some of you that may not know about it, I would go check it out and maybe get yourself some limited edition LOST swag (only 500 of each poster will be printed), and they also have shirts that will be printed in limited quantities)...

Mine just shipped yesterday, so I'll have it in about a week... What do you think? ...

Lost inposter jeffsoto z

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