Back from the Future to Prevent Doomsday

I've read other theories here too that some of the seemingly "omnipotent" characters like Jacob, Richard, Eloise are from the future. My personal theory on this is that some of these characters in the show have knowledge of events up to the predestined Day of Reckoning... a.k.a "Doomsday".

Which is what Dharma is supposed to be about right? ... DI mission was to change Valenzetti Equation... Altering time/events to change/prevent Doomsday.

Following the "from the future theory" ... they already know when Doomsday will occur, because they have "seen up to that point" in the history of mankind...

and so for them to alter or change WHH (Doomsday) they have to go back in time to change things or watch Doomsday occur over and over again until the right changes can be made. This could also explain Jacob / Nemesis conversation: "It always ends the same"

Not claiming this to be an original theory, but sounds pretty logical to me... Any thoughts?

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