OK, first off, I have to credit another Lostpedian for this theory, but I wanted to put it up on the board for discussion cause it straight blew my mind when I heard it. Kudos to Chesh1986 for this.

... In a recent blog post couple days ago about Eloise and Daniel, discussion was about why she sent him to his death, and other things, when the following theory was posted by another user:

Simply put, in Flashes Before Your Eyes Desmond wasn't time traveling at all... this was our 1st clue to the end of lost. He actually may have died when he turned the failsafe key as you saw all his life moments flash before him and then he woke up covered in red paint if i remember. It was like his afterlife... he got his own pad with penny, etc... and when he "woke up" in the jungle he was naked, kind of a rebirth thing. Writers even say they came up with the series ending after shooting season 3


I never considered this as a possibility. What do you guys think about this?? Is it possible?


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