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April 21, 2009
  • LostFreak408SJ

    Darlton Radio Silence

    November 15, 2010 by LostFreak408SJ

    We all know that Darlton have pledged to "not talk about the show once it's over". Well, I just read an interesting interview [1] with them in the Washington Post from back in May just before the Finale, and it sounds like we may still get another podcast or interview about the show. Here's what was said:

    Carlton Cuse: We want people to have a chance to digest, discuss, debate and interpret the events of the finale. And we think there’s going to be plenty of things for people to discuss and debate, just like every year. We don’t want to be out there saying, no no no, you must think this or you must think that. We don’t want to sort of spoil the process, which is to let people process the finale and arrive at their own conclusions about it.


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  • LostFreak408SJ

    I just read this online while looking for content of the epilogue that has been leaked. Not sure how accurate or relevant this is to the creators of the show, but according to this article there is a name associated with Titus Welliver's character, The Man in Black...

    And it reads:

    The TV series “Lost”has both a good guy and a bad guy! We know the name of the good guy and he is Jacob who is always dressed in white. The bad guy who is always dressed in black finally gets his own name and that is Samuel. The name has an interesting origin as it was found at the back of actor Titus Welliver’s chair that was being sold at an auction recently. There were many names that were given to the character in the popular serial but they were temporary nam…

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  • LostFreak408SJ

    OK, first off, I have to credit another Lostpedian for this theory, but I wanted to put it up on the board for discussion cause it straight blew my mind when I heard it. Kudos to Chesh1986 for this.

    ... In a recent blog post couple days ago about Eloise and Daniel, discussion was about why she sent him to his death, and other things, when the following theory was posted by another user:

    Simply put, in Flashes Before Your Eyes Desmond wasn't time traveling at all... this was our 1st clue to the end of lost. He actually may have died when he turned the failsafe key as you saw all his life moments flash before him and then he woke up covered in red paint if i remember. It was like his afterlife... he got his own pad with penny, etc... and when …

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  • LostFreak408SJ

    Back between Season 5 break until S6 premiere there was a LOST "ARG" game to hunt and discover where the next reveal would be for some limited edition LOST posters (remember these?). It started off slow, but once it got rolling it became almost impossible to get one of the posters because they were selling out in mere minutes after being introduced. I tried twice to get one and couldn't, due to the high demand.


    Well recently I found out that the same website was selling limited edition posters again toward the end of S6 and for whatever reason the demand was much smaller, maybe because of the mixed feelings over season 6? So, I ordered one... check it out below. The two best ones do happen to be sold out, but for some of you that may not…

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  • LostFreak408SJ

    For any/all users that were affected by the major spoiler-happy vandalizing jerk we witnessed today... please go to the link below to the SYSOPS TALK PAGE and encourage them to LOCK all new users from posting or editing for 21 day period between now and end of season. This will prevent this hopefully from happening again between now and end of season.

    P.S. ... if there is a better place we should put these suggestions let me know. I got majorly spoiled today and I'm friggin pissed about it. Please let's get ADMIN to stop this! I hate to lock out new users but I see no other way. Please let the admins know how you feel.

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