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April 3, 2009
  • LostDetective

    Based on the few posts I've read about so far, there appears to be two major explanations for the two realities that we saw in "LAX". I'm posting this to see what peoples' thoughts are on these two theories and which theory (if either) they subscribe to.

    One theory is that the detonation of the hydrogen bomb worked and created an alternate timeline where the island has sunk and Oceanic 815 never crashes. The reason why this alternate timeline was created was because of the paradoxical fact that had the plane never crashed, Jack would never have gone back in time to drop the hydrogen bomb on the pocket of energy. Thus, the original timeline had to stay intact for the alternate timeline to exist. Proponents of this theory argue that the h…

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  • LostDetective

    Pre-finale Poll

    May 13, 2009 by LostDetective

    Okay, quick poll for all of us who can't leave the website until the finale starts...

    Are you... 1.) Watching LOST alone so you can pay attention to it better or 2.) Going to/hosting LOST party

    It's the second for me. The best part about watching this show is watching it with friends.

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  • LostDetective

    As we get ready for the season finale tonight, it seems like everybody has a theory about who or what Jacob is and what his purpose on the island is. Hopefully we find out tonight, but in the meantime, feel free to critique my theory about the mysterious Others' leader.

    I think Jacob is John Locke. Locke will be ever so surprised when he goes to kill Jacob to find out that it is a "future" version of himself. I have future in quotes because, as this season has made quite apparent, the future is relative. Suffice to say that Locke hasn't become Jacob yet, but perhaps he will become Jacob in tonight's episode if he succeeds in killing him.

    So here's how it will probably go down. Locke kills Jacob and then discovers that Jacob is his futur…

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  • LostDetective

    The recent episode "Follow the Leader" brought up an interesting paradox that I can't explain and was wondering what everyone else thought about it.

    When Ben turned the wheel, the Island started moving through time. Remember, the Oceanic Six saw the Island disappear in front of their very eyes. The Others however, did not move through time. In "Follow the Leader" we saw their camp and Richard indicated that it had been three years (for them at least) since Ben turned the wheel and John Locke disappeared.

    So how is it possible that the island could disappear from the Oceanic Six and start moving through time, and yet the Others' experience the Island is that it never moved? In other words, when the Island disappeared in 2004, how is it po…

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