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Lost999 January 15, 2012 User blog:Lost999

hey guys

I have been on the ABC store because i would like to buy some lost souvenirs and I found a lot of cool stuff and I considered to buy it, but i never did it (can't remeber why) that was two years ago and now I have been looking again but I can't find any of that stuff i wanted to buy on the store now, there is only that stupid "fan made" bullshit, is it because the series have ended that they removed all of the good stuff??

I was considering to buy the Dharma pint glasses set of 6 and the Dharma mugs set of 6 and Dharma composition book (you can see pictures of them on the abc store article: and now they are removed from the store so do you guys now where I can buy them? if so write a comment.

thank you

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