• Lost4me

    Sawyer and Jack

    May 5, 2010 by Lost4me

    My apologies if folks have already addressed this, but it seems obvious to me that Sawyer and Jack seem to be reflecting the roles of MIB and Jacob respectively. In both "The Last Recruit" and "The Candidate," we see even more intensity in the ever-growing conflict between the two characters. Jack wants to remain on the Island and Sawyer wants to leave. In last night's episode, Jack "saves" Sawyer and pulls him back onto the beach. Although he was only trying to rescue Sawyer, in a sense, Jack was basically taking Sawyer back to the Island against his will. Kind of symbolic of Jacob keeping MIB trapped on the Island??

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  • Lost4me

    Sun's Concussion

    March 31, 2010 by Lost4me

    I may be way off and reading into things to the nth degree, but is it possible that Sun literally knocked part of her consciousness into the FST? (Please don't be harsh - I'm just doing a little brain dump.) :-)

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  • Lost4me

    Isabella's Cross

    March 24, 2010 by Lost4me

    How did MiB get Isabella's cross? Was Richard carrying it with him and then MiB simply stole it? Did MiB need the necklace in order to pose as her spirit and then when he was done with it that's when he returned it to Richard? Sorry if the answer is obvious. There were too many things to absorb at once and this was just something that I didn't realize until now.

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