In ELH Richard states that Jacob does not tell others what to do. He also cautioned Hurley earlier in the season to be careful and not trust what Jacob was saying. It’s been understood that Richard was scared and unsure at that time but now it’s got me thinking….. Jacob believes in free choice and doesn’t intervene. That is why the others were able to do questionable things….it was their choice, it’s not what Jacob hoped he mentioned to Miles about Ben… but he let them choose because he’s trying to prove to MIB that there are some who make better choices.

Keeping that in mind, when Jacob’s ghost instructs Hurley to take Sayid to the temple who benefited? MIB. When Jacob’s ghost lures Hurley and Jack away from the temple who benefited? MIB. When Michael’s ghost advises Hurley to not blow up the plane or many people will be killed, who benefited? MIB. He benefited because he needs them to get off the island, he told Sawyer and Kate they are needed to recreate the Ajira flight. I’m not sure who or what controls the ghosts but I’m not sure I completely trust them .

But now that MIB’s plan seems to be coming together since the last three candidates he needed ended up in his camp, let’s presume they get on the flight to take off on the island. Who will be in the coffin?

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