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July 11, 2009
  • Lord Linus

    Ok. I want to run a little poll over the next week or two to decide who is Lost's most popular character. We'll do it in a 3-2-1 format so for example if you went 1.Jack 2.Hurley 3.Sayid, Jack would get 3 votes, Hurley 2 votes, and Sayid 1 vote. I will update the standings every couple of days so get those lists in!! Here's my votes to start us off - 1.Ben 2.Locke 3.Sawyer.

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  • Lord Linus

    Well it goes without saying that Lost is the greatest TV show currently screening but i just wondered what the rest of you Losties liked to watch. Heres my top 5 :

    1. LOST (well,duh) 2. BREAKING BAD 3. DEXTER 4. WEEDS 5. ENTOURAGE

    A lot of serious drama at the top of the list and my 2 fave comedies to round it out. If you havent watched Breaking Bad it comes highly recommended. Bryan Cranston is absolutely pitch perfect as the terminally ill Chemistry teacher/Drug kingpin. Give it a go!Anyway, let us know your top 5s - might give us something else to watch in the countdown to Season 6.

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