Sitting here waiting for the show to start watching the recap. I can't wait to see the temple and everything else the big preview showed. I feel like I'm in line for a rollercoaster and I think it will be a great ride. It's been such a long wait and I'm glad a show I like isn't fizzling out due to lack of story or network obtuse-ness like Firefly or Heroes. Cheers to Lost.

Okay, the show is over, and all I can say is, I cannot believe I got tricked into thinking Flocke couldn't be the smoke monster. I thought Smock coming out of the jungle when Ben summoned the monster, and Smock disappearing conveniently when Ben wanted to be judged, then using Ben...just red herrings...but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Great show.

After digesting everything, I'm banking on Jacob as Horus, Smokey as Set, Jack as the uniting pharaoh and Ms. Honolulu and then Vincent as Cerberus. After reading theories and making my edits, it fits solidly to me. I love all kinds of mythology but knew the least about Egyptian mythos, so this has been fun for me to research. Maybe that's the best thing for me about Lost is that it opens up connection to great books, zrt, music and great mythology. It has interwoven biblical stories very tastefully and intricately as well. It even had a premiere in Hawaii like a movie because it is on that level of story-telling, and great story-telling pulls in the familiar but adds on another layer of nacre. Again, great show.

P.S. I hate the name Dark Entity. It sounds good to say Batman is the Dark Knight; knight is descriptive. Entity just isn't cutting it for me.

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