I used to loathe Jack. I couldn't stand his bull-headed-ness, and I got tired of staring into that vacant hole in him that his father had started but that Jack himself had pulled wider and wider. He was so closed off to really understanding what was going on around him, always rushing in headlong. He drove me nuts.

Then they put out this episode, the Lighthouse. It was so touching, and the moment where Hugo passed on the message, you have what it takes, the message we've all been screaming at him was delivered in just the right way and was just beautiful. Jack having a son was completely a surprise to me, and his moment with his son at the bike racks, exposing his own hurt and healing his son's, making no excuses for himself, was just lovely. I'm forced to look at him with new eyes.

In fact, because of the direction of this season, I'm much more interested in the characters themselves than of the supernatural elements of the storyline. I'm even anxious about the story behind the pain of MIB and the weight on Jacob as far as their characters, and am not obsessed with what it all means anymore. Which is a load off.

I think we can all expect a fairly deadly cat-fight between Kate and Claire, and hopefully Hugo, Jack, Jin, Jacob, James, Richard, or even MIB stops it because I don't want Claire or Kate to die, but we'll see. I'd love for it to be Jack, protecting both his sister and his former love. Happy watching everyone.

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