I really, really loved this episode. Not because it was so great, but because it wasn't bad. Except for that cheesy well, did they run out of time or what? From blowing up my girl Ilana (not totally surprised because that dynamite was sweaty but I still screamed) to pushing Desmond down the well (not as big a surprised because Flocke looked PISSED) and then running over Locke in the wheelchair? His legs went everywhere, that was such guilty pleasure. Better than Meet Joe Black. My husband wants to make it his screensaver. Yes, give me more.

Last night I had a moment of clarity and acceptance, realizing that this FS storyline is really well-precedented by Desmond being blown up and starting to have his flashbacks. And I'm always okay with love conquering all. Last week's episode was still put together like glue and popsicle sticks, but at least they've built on in and are picking up the momentum and drama again.

Hope you all enjoyed it as well.

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