• Lookylu19

    I really, really loved this episode. Not because it was so great, but because it wasn't bad. Except for that cheesy well, did they run out of time or what? From blowing up my girl Ilana (not totally surprised because that dynamite was sweaty but I still screamed) to pushing Desmond down the well (not as big a surprised because Flocke looked PISSED) and then running over Locke in the wheelchair? His legs went everywhere, that was such guilty pleasure. Better than Meet Joe Black. My husband wants to make it his screensaver. Yes, give me more.

    Last night I had a moment of clarity and acceptance, realizing that this FS storyline is really well-precedented by Desmond being blown up and starting to have his flashbacks. And I'm always okay …

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  • Lookylu19

    Starting to like Jack

    February 25, 2010 by Lookylu19

    I used to loathe Jack. I couldn't stand his bull-headed-ness, and I got tired of staring into that vacant hole in him that his father had started but that Jack himself had pulled wider and wider. He was so closed off to really understanding what was going on around him, always rushing in headlong. He drove me nuts.

    Then they put out this episode, the Lighthouse. It was so touching, and the moment where Hugo passed on the message, you have what it takes, the message we've all been screaming at him was delivered in just the right way and was just beautiful. Jack having a son was completely a surprise to me, and his moment with his son at the bike racks, exposing his own hurt and healing his son's, making no excuses for hims…

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  • Lookylu19

    What Kate Does...

    February 10, 2010 by Lookylu19

    Hardly anything. She escapes her handcuffs. Again. She helps with Claire's baby. Again. She tracks Sawyer but doesn't get all the way through to him. Again. Oh, and Claire is the new Rousseau, which we already knew from the previews. Sayid is growing a heart of darkness, probably spawned from the ichor of MIB, for the same reason as Claire, which we could have learned in the same 30 seconds in another show. And Jack hesitates to solve it in the way he is being advised. Again. Well, at least they are all true to character, but I'm disappointed in this week's show about nothing. The preview for next week's episode was more interesting than the whole show. See you all then I guess.

    p.s. there was one interesting clue about Kate's prison break…

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  • Lookylu19

    Juliet dies again...

    February 4, 2010 by Lookylu19

    I just thought I'd express that having to watch Juliet die again was just really cruel. It reminded me of 1408, when the father has to watch his daughter die again. That was hard to take and so was this.

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  • Lookylu19

    Loose theories

    February 3, 2010 by Lookylu19

    Cross-referencing in wikipedia, there is a Temple of Set, a group of occultists who practiced in California. Part of there practice was delving into metaphysics. Is this some loose correlation to the church above The Lamp Post? Weird.

    There's also a benign deity named Ash, also called Ashit, is associated with Set and was a protector of royal property. Also loose, also weird.

    With the wide array of influences, specifically the wide array of analogous mythology and stories about magical islands out there, there's no telling what is connected, what is coincidence and what is a red herring until we see more.

    I'm finally tired and satisfied with what I've read, not just for Lost's sake but for getting back into mythology, so I'm going to bed!

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