I re-watched 'Flashes Before Your Eyes'. Every episode with Desmond is a great one. This is probably not a new theory or thought, but I thought I would share (or re-share) it.

In this episode we saw what Desmond experienced after turning the failsafe key of the Swan hatch. At first it seems like a flashback, but is it a flashback? When we see Desmond in London after his horrible meeting with Widmore he recognizes Charlie who is performing on the street and tells him that he knows him 'there was an island, and a hatch' he mutters some things as Charlie looks at him like he is crazy. But he also knows what is going to happen in the future, like how it started to rain, and how penny was mad at him for losing his tie...Then at the end of the episode he was right when he predicts who wins the soccer match and the bar tender is supposed to get hit in the head. (The bar tender doesnt get hit in the head, Desmond does, i wonder it that is a clue to the fact that things play out differently this time around) Can it be that what Desmond experiences here in this episode is actually the timeline that we see in the very opening of Season 6? Desmonds consciousness travelled into the future, not the past. That is why on island he keeps saving Charlie from death because he says he saw the future. Because the 'flashes' were flashes of future happenings, even the ones in London. For some reason Desmond (and Eloise even perhaps), can actually remember when their consciousness time travels, while the others, like the Losties cannot? That is why Desmond remembers Charlie but Charlie doesnt remember Des??? Its just a thought. Why else would they show us Desmond knowing exactly whats going to happen on the island before it happens? Why else would they show us a confused Desmond, who is simultaneously remembering his 'past' on island time when he sees Charlie in London, and at the same time knowing what is going to happen in London (present future time)?

I think this episode was a clue to the time travel aspect of the show. Remember that Faraday talks about consciousness time traveling.....maybe you never physically time travel but only your mind does.........

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