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February 18, 2010
  • LohnJocke

    I've been absent from this site for quite some time, so I'm sure that someone has probably gotten this thread going. But I was just wondering how you all, my die hard fans in arms, felt LOST should have ended. More so, how would you have explained the mysteries? What do you think the Island should have been, the Flash Sideways, the Numbers, the Dharma Initiative, the Smoke Monster, Jacob, the Rules, Walt, the Statue, etc. Can you think of any others? I'm sure you can. Can you think of a satisfying explanation for one, some, or all of these things? Let's find out.

    Now, before I go I just want to say that I LOVED "The End" and the six season leading up to it. Also, let's be clear. This post is simply meant to be a fun exercise in whi…

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  • LohnJocke

    I was in the bookstore today browsing in the magazine section. Being a guitar player, I was immediately drawn to the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Normally, I avoid this magazine at all costs. It is the devil. However, this month two of my musical heroes - Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton - were on the cover. With time to kill and a graying Slowhand enticing me, I picked it up and began leafing through it. Oh, what is this? A one page article entitled something like "Lost: They'll Never Be Another Show Like It." (I can't remember the actual title, but this is the general idea.)

    There's references to another show about island castaways (Gilligan's Island) and talk about a simpler time when shows were, well, SIMPLE. Now, I'm going to dr…

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