Locke's Nemesis?

Hey everyone!

Was just rewatching the long con and couldn't help but pick up a line that Sawyer said to Charlie near the end of the episode:

"Well well. Looks like Johnny Locke has a Nemesis."

Now I know Sawyer was definately talking about Charlie but it got me thinking that maybe there's something more.

We know that Jack opposses most of Locke's thoughts, decisions and beliefs. Ben has tried to kill him many a time. Anthony Cooper stole his kidney and made his life a living hell. Even Randy Nations his old boss at the box company didn't particulalry like him. And suddenly it seems to me like not everybody likes John Locke.

But then there's Jacob and Jacob's Nemesis as John Locke. So was that line by Sawyer just a line or was this some serious foreshaddowing going on?

Please share your thoughts :)

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