Disclaimer: I am fully caught up and eagerly awaiting Season 6!!!!

Statement: While watching the Season 4 DVD extras, I noticed something very interesting.... There was a deleted scene from "The Shape Of Things To Come" that has haunted me for a while. It concerns the idea of resurrection, which they have been hinting at since the Pilot episode and finally revealed through Locke at the conclusion of Season 5. It is this: After Ben steals the horse from the Bedouin, he comes to a little rock wall. Ben starts to remove some rocks, he looks HIMSELF, lying prone in the sand as he looked after he turned the wheel! Except, he must've been dead, because "Ben" is at the rock wall removing a little baggie containing passports and money. Of course the look on Michael Emerson's face (as Ben) is quite ambiguous as he sees "himself" in the sand. The next scene would be him checking into the Hotel Tunisia (is that the name?). I always wondered why the lady at the desk looked at him funny as he checked in under the preferred guest list. He hadn't been there in a while....

Questions: Is the Ben we thought we knew not really Ben? Have Locke and Ben switched bodies somehow, or something even weirder? Is Jacob really dead, then? What the heck is going on???!!!?

Really though, I am staggered to see no mention of this in ANY of the 400 or so posts/theories I've read. I most certainly couldn't be the only one in the world who has watched the DVD extras for Season 4. I didn't watch this extra until after Season 5 had ended. I always wondered why the hotel desk lady looked at him funny. I noticed the look on Ben's face in the Locke/Ben exchange about Hurley where Locke says, "I'm not you, Ben" and Ben calmly says "You most certainly are not". Before he turns the wheel, Ben says to Locke in a most uncharacteristic way, "I'm sorry I made your life so miserable". I always felt that he wasn't talking about his life on the island. So many questions!!!! Sorry for the long post, but I've been trying to figure out a way to write this and open it up to all you guys. A lot of you have had some really great observations and theories, and I am pleased to be the first (hopefully) to bring up the first post regarding this deleted scene.

My theory: The showrunners didn't want the audience to be consciously thinking about resurrection or double bodies yet, until they dropped the Locke bomb on us at the end of Season 5. Other than that, I anxiously await your comments, and for the show to reveal the true answers starting in January! Thanks for reading.

--Locke Rock 13:23, November 6, 2009 (UTC)

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