I know that many of you are displeased with Zoe's appearance and the delivery of her lines. But I can't get Bizarro World Tina Fey out of my mind! Which brings me to this blog (and the fact that I work overnights, and I'm obsessed with all things LOST). There seems to be a split between the fans that want everything answered and those who are content with however the series plays out. I am a bit of both. As I've said before, I'd rather that they leave mysteries for us to discuss rather than give lame answers to great questions. One of the recent answers left a lot of fans dismayed. I'm talking about Room 23. Zoe tells Jin that "Room 23 is where the Dharma Initiative did experiments on subliminal messaging." Even I (a hardcore, yet very forgiving LOST fan) was like "What? That's it? They're just going to leave it to a new cast member to answer it in one breath?" But then I just had a thought: Zoe's answer was brief for a reason....the clue lies in the fact that she knew about Room 23. I'm sure that with all the maps she had, and any other literature lying around Ben's office from Season 5 (Ceasar poking around, looking for Dharma clues) that there wasn't a book detailing that "Room 23. It is used for subliminal messaging." So how did she know unless she was on the island before, or knew someone who was? Widmore didn't know about Room 23 did he? Was that just an ice-breaker for her to bring up the D.I. to Jin? The clue is in the fact THAT she knew, not WHAT she knew. I know we will have answers soon. I apologize if this post is redundant (or probably considered by some to be useless), but it is late, I am tired, and my weekend begins in two hours. Yay! Oh yeah, and I'm obsessed with LOST. Did I already mention that? Please share your thoughts.....let me know that I am not the only one awake on Lostpedia.....  :-)

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