Why is it that in Season 3 or 4 hard to remember at this point, when Ben takes Locke to Jacob's Cabin for the first time, he tells Locke "Jacob doesn't like modern technology" (or something to that nature). They use lanterns instead and everything goes to shit when Locke shone the flashlight on "Jacob's" chair.

I understand now that Ben never spoke with Jacob, so the whole "no technology" might have just been a ruse so that Locke might think he knew what he was talking about. That however, doesn't explain why the cabin went crazy when modern technology was introduced into the equation. Ben reacted as if he had seen this before screaming at the chair while Locke tried to get the hell out, but not before seeing someone (Pretty positive it was Christian) and hearing "help me".

So how is this explained? What is the point of the "no technology" thing? We've seen Jacob in the modern world and he didn't flip his shit then.


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