Ok, I know I've posted a blog on here before talking about this defference, but now I have a few new theories to throw at it.

I'm still convinced they are 2 different things. However, I'm not so sure about my reasoning behind them in my last blog. Let's start with being infected. I think the infected are just people who are under the manipulation of MiB. They still have their own free will; however, feel what they are doing for/with MiB is right path to take. They can still have their own agenda (Claire looking for Aaron or Claire trying to kill Kate) but can easily be swayed from their path by MiB's influence (or infection).

Claimed is a different story. Like I've stated there is a huge difference between Sayeed and Claire, so I assume that difference is simply infected vs. claimed. A "Claimed" person, going off Sayeed alone with this example, doesn't show much emotion whatsoever. When Sayeed killed Dogen and Lennon he didn't show any remorse or even much clarity on the situation, he just stood there. Ben came in to save him and he simply stared back at Ben and said something cryptic. This lack of emotion and clarity of the situation was shown again when Sayeed just sat on the log beside Kate while Claire tried to kill her.

The look that has constantly been on Sayeed's face is what has been bugging me. The lack of emotion and clarity on what's happening around him makes me think he's not all there. Literally. We know that Flocke told him he could show him the one thing he wanted in this world (assuming Nadia) and that was the last time we saw OUR Sayeed, he was a killing machine after that scene. But, what happpened to him before he arrived back at the Temple to kill Dogen? I propose this. MiB has shown Sayeed the FST timeline, not only showed it to him, but started to merge Sayeed into that timeline. Hence, all of the far off looks and lack of emotion from Sayeed. He keeps fluxing back and forth through the different timelines until he has merged completely with FST, leaving only an emotionless husk of a person willing to do all of MiB's bidding in the OT. Because, MiB doesn't really need Sayeed after he's dead he just needs cannon fodder for his war and what better than cannon fodder/killing that would trigger an emotional responce from the other candidates?

I apologize for the length of this and like every blog for the ranting before finally making my point. Please feel free to critique the hell out of this one. Anything really, just to get my head to stop hurting from thinking about it.--Locke,Knock,Knocking On Desmonds Door 17:25, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

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