• Locke's Kidney

    If there is one thing I am sure of in this crazy little thing called Lost, it is that "Whatever Happened Happened". You cannot change the past. If you try to change the past, your actions will cause what you were trying to prevent. Sayid tried to kill Ben, he cause Ben to get the "Hostile Whammy Brain-wash thingy" that made him the creep we all know and love. Faraday tried to tell young Charollette not to come back to the island, and that memory made her obsessed with comming back to the island. Jack and Ellie will try to nuke the energy to sto the "incident" and stop the hatch from being built and never bring 815 to the island. What ever they try to do will cause "the incident", requiring the hatch to be built, eventually bringing 8…

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