• Liyahxx

    First off, I loved the finale. by the time Jack closed his eye, I've been crying like a baby :(

    but there's a lot of stuff I don't get. hmm, maybe someone will help me understand some things.

    1. the characters died in different times. for example, charlie died before jack, jack died wayyyyy before others like kate, sawyer, claire, hurley, etc. so how are they in purgatory at the same time? would that mean that people like jack and charlie have been in the purgatory for much much longer than people like kate and claire?

    2. the purgatory/ FST occurs way far into the future. so how is aaron born then??? and perhaps aaron died too?

    3. at the same spirit of the 2nd question, if the FST is far into the future how is sun only pregnant then? why areā€¦

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