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February 6, 2009
  • Littlecitadel

    I need help!! I just sobbed so hard I have a migraine! Steel Magnolias, Beaches.. didn't shed a single tear. I really think this messed me up!

    Thanks for letting me share.

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  • Littlecitadel

    Did anyone else catch the Violet Sedan Chair album in Fringe this week?? sort of a rhetorical question... I'm sure plenty of people did!

    Thank you JJ for the wink to hopeless Lost nerds everywhere!!

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  • Littlecitadel

    That was so dang good!

    February 17, 2010 by Littlecitadel

    No one can complain about that episode. Down With Dissent! Yay Lost! Yay The Substitute! Feel the love wash over you... like a... like a.... brown bubbling spring... like a cloud of clicking smoke... like heroin backstage at a Drive Shaft show... like a greasy bucket of Mr. Cluck's.

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  • Littlecitadel

    Not sure if this theory has been put forth yet, as I generally try to stay away from reading theories.

    I was just thinking about the trajectory of season 6-- specifically that there must be a point to the alternate/sideways timeline, as roughly half of the first 3 hrs of season 6 have been devoted to it. I'm not sure yet what that point is, but doesn't it stand to reason that Kate, Jack, Sawyer, possibly Hurley, and possibly a number of the other 815 passengers, are going to somehow end up on the island in the alternate/sideways timeline because Jacob has summoned them there?

    Is it possible that there could be another plane ride (and then plane crash) in the alt timeline which brings the core group of characters together again?

    I'm looking fo…

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  • Littlecitadel

    Did anyone else find the Temple set to be super crappy?? I was really disappointed. Maybe I'll extrapolate later (tomorrow)... since it's pretty late and I have a feeling that once I start listing all of the things I find insanely cheesy... well.. it could take a while.

    Another thing on the silly Temple set subject-- I added a question to the "Unanswered Questions" section of the LA X page which was removed by another user almost instantaneously. (No hard feelings) I guess I sort-of understand why someone thought it should be removed.. perhaps they sensed a snarky tone or perhaps it's just not an important enough question.. but ANYWAY, I'd like to pose this question to the Lostpedia community. So here it is:

    Why are the Others at the Temple …

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