although it goes against the LOST style, I was expecting a more definitive ending especially half way through the finale when i thought i had it all figured out... for those interested here is what I thought it was going to happen:

the flash sideways timeline would have eventually prevailed. when the Light went out and MiB was killed, the island would sink and everyone in the original timeline would die. BUT the alternative FST would be the happy ending for ALL characters as they begin to remember the happy moments of their island-life. the beginning of the FST led me to believe that this timeline was an unfavorable alternate reality in which nobody's life was really that great and that their island reality was much better. however, with the help of Desmond, each character was able to recall the events of the island reality, and soon the happiness that was achieved on the island would exist at home. the characters pre-island were all obviously flawed, but the island "healed" them all. I believed that this healing of the characters was meant to be brought home through the FST once the island sank. i was thinking about Juliet's death because right before she died she said "it worked" so it made me think that when characters die on the island they return to their FST alternate life. so when the island sank (as seen in the season premiere) they would have all returned to their alternate lives, without memory of their island life until some event triggers that memory. that way all the characters could live happy at home, with the memories of the island and with each other. sort of a best of both worlds ending.

does that make sense?

maybe it would have been less emotionally satisfying and definitely too concrete for LOST's taste, but at least it would have created a happy unconfusing ending.

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