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May 12, 2010
  • Litaliano105

    although it goes against the LOST style, I was expecting a more definitive ending especially half way through the finale when i thought i had it all figured out... for those interested here is what I thought it was going to happen:

    the flash sideways timeline would have eventually prevailed. when the Light went out and MiB was killed, the island would sink and everyone in the original timeline would die. BUT the alternative FST would be the happy ending for ALL characters as they begin to remember the happy moments of their island-life. the beginning of the FST led me to believe that this timeline was an unfavorable alternate reality in which nobody's life was really that great and that their island reality was much better. however, with th…

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  • Litaliano105

    watching Evangeline Lilly on the View, I understood that there is an important reason why Kate's name was crossed off, and it will be revealed before the end. I just dont know why its crossed off, and what that means since she's obviously still alive and would otherwise still be a candidate. Theres something going on with that, and it seems like it will be signficant to the battle with the MiB, and therefore important to the plot ending.

    sorry if this has been discussed previously, but now we know its worth discussing more in depth, and now we know more about where the end is going. so i would like to hear ideas

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  • Litaliano105

    i tried to post this last week after watching The Candidate but my account was locked probably to protect spoilers.. but now that I can get my word in I wanted to express that I believe strongly that the issue of whether Jin or Sun was the Kwon Candidate has been resolved in that episode for good reasons:

    -Jin and Sun were touched by Jacob at the same time on their wedding day, and right AFTER they were married symbolizing ONE whole; and

    -they died TOGETHER. neither of them could die before separately, as Jin survived the boat explosion. I think they were either meant to live together or die together because their existence as a whole had been one candidate to protect the island together. Only by dying together (and not at the direct hands o…

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  • Litaliano105

    Did anyone get a feeling of the water running through the Source might be the same water in the Temple's spring? I thought of that automatically. and then when I saw MIB drown in the water after being attacked by jacob, it made me think of how characters (Sayid) drowned in the Temple's spring when they were close to death. Which further makes sense to me that MIB became "claimed" by evil as anyone else who was saved in the Spring. This event is what turned MIB to evil, and over hundreds of years allowed evil to spread inside him to what he has become in the present.

    I dont know, it may be far fetched idea but i definitely saw the connection right away so i thought it was worth mentioning

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