So I've noticed both on web and in real life that there are a lot of people out there who dislike Kate. I really don't understand why. She's by no means the most fleshed out character (and I wonder if that's the writing or Evangeline's acting choices), but I don't find her detestable at all.

I've heard complaints that all she does is whine, follow Jack and Sawyer around, lead either one of them on whenever she feels needy, and that she acts like she's bad ass, but really she does nothing but tag along.

I couldn't agree less with the "bad ass" part above. When it comes to being actively involved in getting out of dangerous situations, she is absolutely fearless. I find that particularly incredible given that she is a petite woman. I myself am a petite woman, and if I were in the situations she's been in, I would be cowering behind Sawyer, Jack, or a tree, and I'd most likely be long dead by now. And she holds those guns like she knows what she's doing.

Yes, she protests when she's told that she can't be a part of a dangerous mission or carry a gun or dynamite, but she's not whining, she's just proactively demonstrating her will. And the only reason she has to do that in the first place is because the men assume she can't take care of herself or be helpful since she's a woman. And that situation in Season 2 when she gets caught by Mr. Friendly and screws up their chances in getting Michael back? Yes, that could have been avoided if she hadn't trailed secretly behind them, but she wouldn't have done that if they had let her come with them in the first place.

Re: Jack and Sawyer. Look, she's in love with two men. Yes, she needs to choose one, but given the crazy circumstances that they've all been in over a 4-year period, it's kind of understandable that she hasn't gotten around to doing so yet. And she loves them for different reasons; I don't think that she hasn't settled on one yet simply because she sees it as a game.

I've also heard arguments that she hasn't grown as a person. I'd also have to disagree with that. Most of the characters on the show have daddy issues of some kind; I think that Kate has both daddy and mommy issues. She's gone from feeling as if there is no way in hell she'd be good around children (probably because as a child she had no positive role model for how adults care for or interact with kids), to being a great mother who would do anything for her son. I'd also argue that once she gets on the mainland, up until there's a danger that Aaron is going to be taken from her, Kate stops running from difficult situations.

In regard to AT Kate, it doesn't seem that she's much different than she was in the OT in 2004. I blame much of that on the writing. Why not create a different story for her? I don't know how much direction they give the actors in how to play the characters, but I did read in an interview with Evangeline in Entertainment Weekly about a month ago that she is playing AT Kate as having more fun being a fugitive, as thinking of it as a game. I didn't really pick up on that, and I also don't understand why that would be the case. How in the hell is being a fugitive fun in any way whatsoever?

Kate is not at all my favorite character, but I certainly don't hate her. I would really love to hear why other people do!

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