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February 27, 2010
  • Lionofdharma

    So it seems that Bad Robot has given up the rights to the Dark Tower series. I am beyond bummed. Thoughts, anyone?

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  • Lionofdharma

    ... how people can continue to question whether this is the same human being?

    I mean, the Lost credits say so, [IMDB] says so... what will it take to convince the nay-sayers?
    Please, help me help you!

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  • Lionofdharma

    So I've noticed both on web and in real life that there are a lot of people out there who dislike Kate. I really don't understand why. She's by no means the most fleshed out character (and I wonder if that's the writing or Evangeline's acting choices), but I don't find her detestable at all.

    I've heard complaints that all she does is whine, follow Jack and Sawyer around, lead either one of them on whenever she feels needy, and that she acts like she's bad ass, but really she does nothing but tag along.

    I couldn't agree less with the "bad ass" part above. When it comes to being actively involved in getting out of dangerous situations, she is absolutely fearless. I find that particularly incredible given that she is a petite woman. I myself …

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