The season finale totally blew me away. Pretty much all of my theories were wrong. I even scornfully scoffed at the idea of Locke 2.0 as some have called him, All the Jacob theories were...........miles off! Up is white, black is day, my head hurts and so i may never return to this forum as i don't have the brain space for both my own theories and trying to figure out what we have seen in Lost already.

On a side note (and it probably won't be the case) i was quite upset when Jacob was "killed", i liked that fella in Dexter and he looked good as Jacob i thought, it'd be a shame to learn so much about a character just to kill him off straight away. He won't be dead, we'll see him again. Won't we?

Gutted not to see any of Walt, we probably won't see him again i surmise. Great to see Rosie & Bernie, a shot of the black rock and a close-up (albeit back view) of the statue.

Thats all from me, feel free to let us all know what you think.

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