• LiamOf12

    I don't understand the stones significance, surely whoever Adam & Eve are they will use other stones? Maybe it goes like this:

    Eve: Ok Adam, time to die....

    Adam: Yeah ok Eve, let me just get the stones......Eh? Hold on a sec, where are they?

    Eve: Well that fella Jacks got them hasn't he?

    Adam: Who? Jack? You mean that bloke from the future?

    Eve: Yep. Well we'll just have to stay alive now, Go and tell Rose & Bernard to put the kettle on.

    I suppose it could mean that Jack is Adam of course. Or has he created a time-loop-paradox-thing by picking them up? Also, we haven't seen the stones since he picked them up have we?

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  • LiamOf12

    Seriously everyone, read it, the guy is either a genius or he has copied off a genius, stop wasting your time reading this and go read that. Quick.....

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  • LiamOf12

    Reasons -

    Lost is not about to copy a story out of the bible, reference yes, copy no.

    There is no reason to believe Jacob and Man in Black are brothers or even related.

    The Casting call for his character lists his name as Samuel. Why not stick with that?

    And i will have a bet of any amount, with anyone of you that his name isn't Esau.

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  • LiamOf12

    Just something that came to me whilst re-watching the finale, i'll try and explain, lets see how i do!

    In the first scene, when they are looking out at the Black Rock, Samuel tells Jacob that "it always ends the same" and jacob says that "it only ends once and anything before that is just progress"

    Later before Ben Stabs him, Jacob tells Ben that whatever he has been told, he still has a choice.

    This leads me to believe that Jacob (like Faraday) thinks that the universe doesn't have to be set in stone. Variables or choice can still change the past and thus the future.

    I think he knew about evertything that had happened up to that point, maybe why he never asked to see Ben, as he knew he would be the one to kill him. Is that the time-loop? It s…

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  • LiamOf12

    Not this one, please read post of same name

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