• Liam-24

    A question of time...

    May 16, 2010 by Liam-24

    Unlike some fans I loved "Across the Sea". However, after watching the episode there is one major thing I can not decipher. Lets assume that the well where MIB was building the donkey wheel was the same well beside which The Orchid was eventually built. This is very likely the case as this is where the donkey wheel eventually ended up. In "This Place is Death" when Locke was decending down this well and a time flash occured, the survivors found themselves at a point in time before the well had been built leaving Locke trapped in the chamber. At this point in time they see the fully built statue. Therefore we can say the statue was built before the well. If this is the case then why did it not appear to be there in the episode. Admittedly i…

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  • Liam-24

    I want to go home...

    March 16, 2010 by Liam-24

    I re-watched LA X earlier and I was thinking about MIB's line "I want to go home". So where is home. I like a lot of people initially thought he meant the Temple but as this has been shown not to be the case, maybe he is from ancient Egypt.

    Think about the hyrogliphics, the statue etc... there is obviously a massive link to ancient Egypt in the show. Taking it a step further, maybe he, and perhaps Jacob too, are actual Egyptian Gods. Maybe one of them is Tawaret and the statue could have been built in their image. What you guys think?

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  • Liam-24

    Charlie error?

    November 17, 2009 by Liam-24

    A question raised in the pilot episode...

    When the plane crashed, Charlie was in the front of the plane. We know this because in Pilot Part 1, when Kate, Jack and Charlie went to get the transceiver, he got his heroin stash from the toilets beside the cockpit. We saw him dropping it in there and then, when the turbulence began, strapping himself into the nearest seat. So how exactly did he end up with the fuselage survivors on the beach?

    Do you think this is simply a mistake made by the producers or anyone got any other thoughts?

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  • Liam-24

    Surely Daniel must have been already born in 1977 when Eloise shot his future self. Otherwise he would have been a professor at Oxford University before the age of 19, which is hugely unlikely. (Desmond visited him in 1996 and he was a professor).

    So this raises the possibility that perhaps he was born on the Island. However, the fact he did not get a nose bleed like many others during the time flashes suggests otherwise. Therefore, maybe Eloise gave birth to Daniel whilst off the Island and then returned without him.

    What do you think?

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