• Leesters

    Here's my theory.

    - In 2000 BC, the problem starts. Sawyer puts a rope in the ground, that leads the Egyptians right to the magic chamber. If Sawyer would have kept holding the rope when they flashed back to show! Good job, Mr Alias!

    - The Egyptians find the rope, dig to the magic chamber, and run into the green light. They try to put a wheel in it, and see what happens. Whala. They find a time machine that got built in 1977, when the Hbomb met the magnetic field behind the hatch.. more on that later.

    - The Egyptions go on a Donkey Wheel joyride, and run around the timeline, picking up Slaver Ships in the 18th century, Smokey technology in the 27th century, and running into the USS Obama in the 22nd century, and eventually kicking o…

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